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Real Pac-Man at wired NextFest

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Tal Chalozin was invited by wired magazin to wired NextFest convention to show the Real Pac-Man project.


Here is Tal’s report from LA:

Now that the show is over i’m back to life.

Short brief of my last 5 days:

We landed in LA on Monday, and had Tue and Wed to build up the installation.
And so we did.
We spent most of the time on running back and forth from the hotel to the convention center trying to get everything right.

I have to say that, That NextFest is the biggest production I’ve ever seen in my life.
It was amazing to take part in it.

The show was divided into server pavilions, we were part of the “Future of Game”.
As apposed to the shows that I’ve seen before, here everyone was super professional.
I was the only one with out any commercial/artistic agenda to promote. (besides the Garage of course)

Some other exhibits next to me was:
- killacycle - the world fastest electric motorcycle (operated from 990 LiOn batteries) -
  on the first test drive, broadcasting national, crashed. BTW, the driver wasn’t wearing any helmet.
- the famous multi-touch wall
- the “Furminator” - a terminator first-person-pinball (by a group from german)
- TFT Tennis (future version of pong)
- an amazing 3D printer

and A LOT more

I was amazing.
a lot of press covering, a lot of people and unfortunately, a lot of kids.

The first half of the first two days was closed for education.
I’ve never in my life seen so many kids running and touching everything in there way.
I way very exhausting, but ok.
Just until, one kid sneaked into the pacMan “arena”, thought that the pacMan was a football and kicked the hell out of him.
On the first minute I didn’t know what to do,
when I’ve seen the my pacMan fly, lands back and spreading some pieces around.
It was amazing Kodak moment.
So I spent the rest of the day trying to get it back together.

Now he’s fine, and still a bit limping…
The show ended yesterday, and as i’ve said, I’m back to life.

that’s about it.
More stories soon. 


Gadgets Art and Rock’nRoll

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007


YNet Digital Time jurnalist, Niv Lilian, visited us at the Garage, here are his notes:

wired inventions, crazy and unnecessary, are created in a messed up garage at Holon. Together, with them are born few of the coolest games you may find.
Responsible for that are the GarageGeeks, technology and computer games freaks who wish to combine science and art, and while doing so, serve tons of fun, apart of that, they also contribute to the community …

here is the full story

Geeks with black fingernails

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

HaAretz reporter Oded Yaron, visited at the Garage and published this hebrew article: