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GarageGeeks Sessions: Lost in Conversion?

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009


The GarageGeeks sessions present:
Lost in Conversion? Unleash the power of web analytics to improve conversion rates.

Web analytics and conversion optimization is probably the biggest untapped opportunity within online marketing, particularly in a time of economic downturn.

Within this GarageGeeks session, you be exposed to best practices and new developments in measurability, user behavior analysis and proven conversion rate tactics.

Conversion is the New Black!
Itai Levitan, Co-CEO and Daniel Waisberg, Head of Web Analytics, easynet search marketing

Google Analytics & Website Optimizer an Overview
Nir Bar-Lev, Head of Analysis Products, EMEA at Google

From Porn to AI in 20 slides.
Rafael Mizrahi,

Reveal the mystery of what visitors are doing inside your webpage
Dr. Tal Schwartz, Founder and CEO, ClickTale

NuConomy - next generation personalization and advertising platform based on advanced user level Analytics.

Session Summary
Itai Levitan of easynet search marketing.

- Mingle and Mangal

The event will take place on Thursday, March 12th, 20:00, at the GarageGeeks HQ (Hapeled 40, Holon).

** Don’t forget to update the wiki ( with stuff/food/drink that you will bring.

GarageGeeks is sponsored by Giza VC and Carmel Ventures

[Tele]Vision! II a different viewing perspective

Thursday, December 18th, 2008


The GarageGeeks sessions with Jeff Pulver and Dror Gill present:

[Tele]Vision! II a different viewing perspective

Following the success of the first [Tele]Vision! session held on April 2007, we will once again bring the best brains together to find out where TV is headed. The format of the session will be quite unique: Each presenter will talk about a topic for 5 minutes, and then lead a Q&A session and discussion for another 5 minutes. There will be no pitching and no company presentations, only pure vision and audience interaction. A peek into some of the topics:

- TV Gets Social (Again)
- From YouTube To Prime Time: It’s All About Telling a Story
- Internet TV: Who Sells The Popcorn?
- Over the Top TV: Delivering Content to TVs over the Open Internet
- Investor Perspective: What it Takes to Start a New Media Company

The event will take place on Thursday, December 18th, 20:30, at the GarageGeeks HQ (Hapeled 40, Holon).

GarageGeeks hosting Yahoo! BOSS

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

The GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi invite you to a special garage party:
GarageGeeks hosting Yahoo!
“who’s the BOSS”?


Yahoo! Search BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) Hack Day is making its way around the world and its coming to Israel!

You are all invited to learn about BOSS technology, ask questions and meet a group of Yahoo’s leading product folks headed by:
- Bill Michels, GM of Yahoo! Search BOSS
- Ronny Lempel, Head of the Yahoo! Haifa Research Lab
- and lead BOSS product managers and engineers

The event will take place on Wednesday November 5th, 20:30, GarageGeeks HQ (Hapeled 40, Holon).

Yahoo! will also be hosting an extended developer-focused BOSS Hack Day on Nov 6th. For more details, please go to For more info on BOSS here visit

** Don’t forget to update the wiki ( with stuff/food/drink that you will bring.

Garagegeeks is sponsored by Giza VC and Carmel Ventures

Meet France Telecom and Orange Developers Community

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi hosting: Steve Glagow, Vice President of Orange Partner will discuss the program and tools available by Orange for its developers community. This is your chance to meet some of France Telecom members.
27 August, 20:00
GarageGeeks HQ, Holon
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Mageeks with Lior Manor

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

GarageGeeks is excited to host an event with the great magician Lior Manor.
In the event Lior Manor will teach us about magics, how magicians think, modern magics in the Internet, new ideas and other surprises.

The event will take place at the GarageGeeks HQ, 40 Hapeled St, Holon on Thursday August 7th at 20:00. After the Lior Manor’s show we will have a BBQ party so please update the wiki ( with food and drinks that you’ll bring.
We looking for a few volunteers to come earlier for setup and a few to stay last and help us clean.


GarageGeeks hosting Microsoft Strategic Trends

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi invite you to another meeting with industry leaders.

Strategic Trends: Hosting Microsoft adCenter VP Alexander Gounares


As Corporate Vice President, adCenter and Commerce Platforms, Alexander Gounares is responsible for leading the engineering efforts for Microsoft’s core advertising platform and commerce technologies (including payments, points, and subscriptions).
Before taking this role, Gounares was the Corporate Vice President for Corporate Strategy, where he was responsible for helping set the overall set the overall strategic direction for the company. Prior to that, Gounares spent three years as the technology assistant to Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chairman, and he was also responsible for helping formulate and drive the technical strategy for the company. Gounares has been involved with many initiatives across the company, covering everything from search to workflow technologies to new Internet services such as Microsoft Virtual Earth and a number of yet-to-be announced products.

The event will take place on Wednesday June 25th, 21:30, Garage HQ (Hapeled 40, Holon).

IMPORTANT!!!: Please update the Wiki ( with food drinks that you will bring.

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Sergey Brin at GarageGeeks

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

The GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi invite you to a special garage party event

“GarageGeeks hosting Google”

Sergey Brin, Co-founder and President of Technology at Google,


Meir Brand / Country Director, Israel
Yoelle Maarek / Director of Haifa R&D Center
Yossi Matias / Director of Tel-Aviv R&D Center
Riki Drori / Country Marketing Manager, Israel

The event will take place on Thursday May 15th, 21:30, Garage HQ (Hapeled 40, Holon).

Due to security and space limitiations, the event is private and closed. This invitation is for one person only and is not transferable. Please confirm your participation and bring a printed copy of this invitation to the event.







Post Kinnernet08 GarageGeeks party

Monday, April 7th, 2008

I would like to invite you to a special post-Kinnernet GarageGeeks party. This time we have invited Kinnernet participants from Israel and aboard to join us.


The party will take place next Sunday (13/4) at 19:30. Please update the wiki ( which stuff that you bring to drink and eat.

please tag videos images etc’ with garagegeeks and hglp

See ya,

Rock Band party

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008


You are invited to a GarageGeeks party where we’ll play , eat, drink and socialize! Don’t forget to update the Wiki ( with food/drink that you’ll bring. The party is on the 6/3/2008 at 20:30. See ya all!

please tag your photos and videos with garagegeeks and hglp (hglp = Holon GarageGeeks Lan Party)

Halo Google

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007


The GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi invite you to hunt down geeks on Halo3, and meet a group of Google’s leading product marketing folks headed by:

  • Devin Ivester - Creative Director, Google
  • Riki Drori - Country marketing manager, Google Israel
  • Meir Brand - Country Director, Israel

We’ll arrange team tournaments with plenty of frags, 4 sets of Xbox360+Projector+extra controllers.



GarageGeeks is sponsored by Carmel Ventures and Giza Venture Capital.