IDHO exhibition 2009

January 22nd, 2009

IDHO exhibition 2009


HIT - Holon Institute of Technology
Golomb 52, Holon

Thursday 29/1/2009 19:00 - 22:00
Friday 30/1/2009 10:00-14:00

music   art   motion
“HA-KIR” is an interactive project that incorporates music, art and motion. Its purpose is to allow anyone to create music in an easy, fun and intuitive manner, by touching a wall. The touch and movement create sounds, which are completed by visual traces.

What would you be willing to tell a stranger?
AA is a communication device that disconnects the message from the speaker, creating a new experience of sharing that mixes anonymity and voyeurism.

Musical Chairs
A project exploring the playful aspect of music.

On a stage are seven objects. Whenever someone sits on an object, the sound of a musical instrument is played. The seven objects in the emergent lounge space become a platform for a jam session. The interaction between the users and the object, and between the different users, creates an interesting musical and interpersonal happening.

Ever stood in line behind very annoying people and wanted to say something, but just couldn’t bring yourself to say it? Ever got stepped on by someone, and just didn’t have the guts to say something about it?

UNMUTE is a portable device which helps to overcome our tendency to become a “social mute”. It enables us to express emotions in different situations by using dynamic sounds, which are controlled by an easy-to-learn language of hand gestures.

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