GarageGeeks Musical hardware workshop

July 27th, 2009


September 3rd

19:00, garagegeeks HQ, hapeled 40, Holon

In this workshop people would make hardware that play music, and then we’ll connect all of them together and play some a nice class symphony ( and more songs) with a lot of instruments

instrument examples:

Starting points:

What you’ll need for the workshop:

Some Mechanical hardware to musically control, and that can produce sounds in different tones. Hard drives, floppy drives, printers, A motor, power tools. Be creative.

A method to control them from a computer. You can use these kinds of hardware interface boards for example:

A laptop with some softwares: to connect to the garage’s midi network we’ll use: or if you have Midi hardware, bring it so we won’t need to count on the network.

MIDI interface softwares:

we want to make this a two part session, the first people meet, start working, build the instrument, and then go home, finish their instrument, and meet again for the symphony playing.

The first one on September 3rd. this will give you time to find hardware, buy Arduino or Phidget boards etc.. We’ll set the date for the next one soon.

How do we decided what we’ll play with the orchestra ?

If anyone here knows PHP, we want to ask you to help us build a system where people can uplaod .midi files and then vote for their favorite file, then we’ll arrange the most chosen songs to be played.

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