Experiments in Art, Software, Hardware and UX with Amit Pitaru

August 21st, 2009


The GarageGeeks sessions present:

Experiments in Art, Software, Hardware and UX with Amit Pitaru

August 27th, 8:30pm

Like a typical garage geek, Amit splits his nights and days between experimental and commercial work.

In this session Amit will share recent art projects and discuss how they affect his work as software/hardware designer, user experience freak, and (recent) entrepreneur.

*** This is a free event, please bring DRINKS and snacks to share ***
It might get hot without cold beers at hand, and Amit recomends one for better UX

Recent projects:
Sonic Wire Sculptor (see video on top of page)
Rhonda 3D drawing tool (see video and register to dl beta software)
Smashup Dance Project

Not so recent projects:
Bjork Pagan Poetry and more works at http://insertsilence.com


PDF on creating games for children with disabilities.
A couple of interviews with Amit here and here.


As an artist, Amit develops novel instruments and methods for making music, animation, and dance. His personal and collaborative work with James Paterson has recently exhibited and performed at the London Design Museum, Paris Pompidou Center, Sundance Film festival and ICC Museum in Tokyo.

As an educator, he teaches (on and off) at New York University’s ITP and Cooper Union’s Arts department.

Amit works as a game designer, prototype maker (hardware/software), and user experience designer to selected clients. He’s also a recent entrepreneur (startup to be revealed soon).
Amit was recently commissioned by the MacArthur foundation to publish his research; making everyday software and video games more accessible to children with disabilities. He is also an advisor for the Institute of Play, who are developing a public school that will use game design and game-inspired methods to teach critical 21st Century skills.

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