GarageGeeks Sessions: CrowdSourcing

March 7th, 2010


Crowdsourcing encourages crowds with various expertise to apply their individual talents collectively as a group to create solutions to challenges.
Join us to this session at March 15, 20:00 and discuss about 4 different views on the phenomena of CrowdSourcing.

* uTest
Presenting: Doron Reuveni, CEO uTest
How online communities are disrupting many industries.
What is the difference between a mob, a crowd, and a community.
A sneak preview of a live demo of a not-yet-launched version of uTest’s software testing platform.

* Waze
Presenting: Yael Elish, VP product and social media marketing.
Crowdsourcing and the use of social and gaming elements to engage users to build a viable service and reach critical mass.

* Yedda
Presenting: Yaniv Golan, co-founder and CTO.
CrowdSourcing and the First Thumbs War - as a creator of a web service, you’d love to have the crowds breath life into your service through participation.
Yet, what happens when the participating crowds have their own opinion about what your service should be like?

* AllRise
Presenting: Dan Rimon, co-founder
AllRise is an online public courthouse where users can sue anyone and charge him with anything.
The crowd debates the case and the crowed decides the verdict.
How they came up with the idea and show examples of some cases that were opened.

in the spirit of the event, beer will be served if you bring one.
so, bring few to share. sharing is caring.

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