GarageGeeks hosting PayPal

July 16th, 2010


you are invited to a special garage event, to learn about the present and future of electronic payments. and meet:

* Osama Bedier - Vice President of PayPal Platform and Emerging Technology - Future of electronic and mobile payment.

* Greetings: Oded Zehavi, Regional Director, Israel & South Africa at PayPal .

* Naveed Anwar - Senior Director of PayPal Developer Network

* Startup standing panel – use case and Q&A : Fiverr, Somobi, SupersonicAds and anyone who have interesting stories to share.

The event will take place on:
Sunday, July 25, 20:30 at GarageGeeks HQ, HaPeled 40, Holon

Osama Bedier perceived one of the thought leaders in global electronic payments and he is behind PayPal’s radical move to open up its system to third-party developers and allow them to integrate its payment system into their Web sites, mobile apps, and devices.
In the first three months, PayPal signed up more than 15,000 developers.

Anwar Naveed - Senior Director of PayPal Developer Network (previously managed the AOL Developer Network )
Announce the PayPal global developer challenge with 100,000 $ prize for the best application
and invite people to come to the PayPal innovate 2010 event in October.

* This is a User Generated Dinner, so, bring some snacks and drinks to share with others.
* GarageGeeks is sponsored by Carmel Ventures and Giza VC

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