Natural Interaction Hackathon

October 23rd, 2011


You are invited to participate in a Natural Interaction ® Hackathon.
At the workshop, PrimeSense will lend the sensors for group members to proceed developing the projects for the following week.
The hackathon starts at 17,18 November at GarageGeeks, and a week later you need to submit your project.

if you are into it, read more below.

About Natural Interaction ® Hackathon
Game developers, traditional developers, graphic designers, creative’s are invited to create and submit cool “Natural Interaction ® application”.
PrimeSense will lend sensors for each group during up to 1 week.
Jury will be composed by 3 experts who will designate a winning project.

Designing or porting games to become motion controlled is not reserved to an elite few.
Using the OpenNI Framework with OpenNI compatible Middleware and depth sensors, developers can easily integrate full-body control and interactive augmented reality into their games.
Designers are just starting to explore possible game mechanics and gameplays enabled by gesture-based technologies.
This Hackathon will demonstrate how easy this process is, using tools and environments that are familiar to many game developers such as Unity3D.
It’s as simple as developing a keyboard-based application!

Contest Condition:
* All OpenNI compliant projects will be eligible to the competition (As per the OpenNI Guidelines PDF doc)
* Participants will have 1 week to submit their project.
* Upload your project to OpenNI Arena before deadline (With Source Code to share with the community)
* Project shouldn’t require any additional purchase (software/hardware)

Everything is available and downloadable for free from
* NI Apps guidelines
* Documentations
* OpenNI: SDK Binaries, Samples & Source code
* NiTE: Middleware Binaries and Samples
* Unity3D Wrapper (Latest version of the wrapper was released in the latest “Unstable Version” package)
* Many developers published their own NI Apps on the Arena: – often with source code

Top 5 prizes:
* 1st: 1 Rare handcrafted PrimeSense prototype Sensor (OpenNI compliant) with original and exclusive “For test use only” stickers on it.
* 2nd to 5th: 1 OpenNI compliant Sensors each.

Thursday 17th:
opening at 19:00
talks 19:30-21:00
lending sensors and beer 21:00 and on
Friday 18th:
opening 9:00
working till 18:00
18:00-19:00 show and tell
Saturday 26th
final date for project submission.

* bring some snacks and drinks to share with others.

* GarageGeeks is sponsored by Carmel Ventures and Gemini Israel Funds

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