Post GeekCon 2011

December 7th, 2011


Come join the GeekCon family and celebrate GeekCon 2011 with us. See videos from this year, talk projects and (for participants!) get the promised t-shirt!
Good opportunity to beer up and start thinking GeekCon 2012, biggest best one yet.
If you’re interested in GeekCon and plan to attend next year’s event, this is the perfect opportunity to see what we’ve got planned next.

The event will take place on
Thursday, December 22th, 20:00
at Garage HQ, HaPeled 40, Holon

* GeekCon website

* This is a User Generated Dinner, so bring some snacks and drinks to share.
* GarageGeeks is sponsored by Carmel Ventures and Gemini Israel Funds

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