GarageGeeks Heads workshop

November 19th, 2007


This Thursday - Nov 22nd @ 20:00 we’ll be holding a GarageGeeks Heads workshop - hosting by our dear friend Piven Hanoch.
We’ll be all creating head shots from electronic junk we’ll each bring from his/her own little electro-junk yard (or living room….)

2056125613_8aef8eae8b_m.jpg 2056095735_89eb368ef0_m.jpg
Come and build faces that: Interact, Talk, Move, Light & Vibrate or just look cool
Please bring electro-junk & some basic tools
Space is limited so please register @ the WIKI and bring some LIGHT food/drinks (this is a hands on workshop - NOT a party - no need for big food)

2056107239_1370a868b8_m.jpg 2056114961_dea5b6ea35_m.jpg
2056878654_100e80d0e8_m.jpg 2056902178_9b29117ec1_m.jpg

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